Speak Fluent Chinese
Welcome to Primlo — The Chinese learning app for the curious and the motivated.
Natural, cool, funny

The world of Chinese language learning is full of dull textbooks, pointless gamification and government propaganda. With Primlo, you learn the Chinese your friends speak.

Sentence based learning

Vocab, context, usage, grammar, intonation — sentences have it all. In Primlo, each sentence comes with a native audio recording so you form the right habits from the start.

Internalize grammar effortlessly

Our foundation course takes you through Chinese grammar in 2000 sentences. It comes with useful grammar explanations as well as dozens of example sentences for each grammar point.

Chinese is unique

...and so is Primlo! Our content and software were written for Chinese and in Chinese. We always write in Chinese first and then translate to English, never the other way around.

No more forgetting

As you are learning Chinese, Primlo learns about you and what you know and don't yet know. This makes it adapt and always show you the content you get the most out of.

First class Pinyin support

If you want to focus on speaking first, you can switch to the pinyin only mode included with Primlo.