The spoken Chinese app for the motivated learner.

Speak real Chinese

With Primlo, you learn the Chinese that's actually spoken, not some bowdlerized text book variant. Our list of topic packs contains packs for all kinds of situations and it's growing by the day!

Sentence based learning

Sentences are the ideal unit of language learning: they contain vocab, context, usage, grammar, all the nutrition you need. They are also easy to digest and drill for some focussed practice.

Chinese grammar in 2000 sentences

The Primlo Foundation Course takes you from whatever your level may be to an advanced knowledge of grammar. It was written from scratch for Mandarin Chinese and has brief but concise explanations for all grammar points.

Spaced Repetition

Repetition is the key to remembering. As you are learning Chinese, Primlo learns about you and what you know and don't yet know so that it always shows you the content you get the most out of.